Top 25 Film Schools In The World

Although some of the finest legendary actors and directors have never attended a film school, nevertheless, the important role a film school plays in nurturing talents cannot be ignored. In a reputed film school students get to learn acting and film making from popular personalities in the field.

Film Schools In The World

The courses offered by these reputed institutions help in enhancing the skills that without proper training may take years to master. Given below is a list of the world’s top film schools that attract serious students of cinema from around the world.

University Of Southern California School Of Cinematic Arts

The film school of USC is the largest and oldest in USA. This school is a joint venture of the University of Southern California and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. It offers Bachelor’s and Master’s programs in film and television production, animation and digital arts, critical studies, interactive entertainment and writing for screen and television. It also offers doctoral programs in media arts and practice and critical studies.

USC School of Cinematic Arts

American Film Institute

The American Film Institute, a prestigious film school in Los Angeles, offers Master of Fine Arts programs in six disciplines of film making including directing, cinematography, screenwriting, production design and producing. Only 150 applicants are selected in the graduate program every year.

American Film Institute

Tisch School Of The Arts, New York University

Tisch School of the Arts in New York University offers undergraduate and graduate programs in diverse disciplines of film study through the Maurice Kanbar Institute of Film & Television, Institute of Performing Arts and Skirball Center of New Media. The three-year dual MFA and MBA degree program offered in association with Stern School of Business of New York University is a highly sought after graduate program for wannabe film producers.

New York University

University of California Los Angeles School of Theater, Film and Television

The film school of University of California Los Angeles has the largest film archive among the US film schools. The film school offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs in acting, directing, playwriting, production management, documentary, animation and critical studies. For working professionals the film school offers online, evening and summer programs.

UCLA School of Theater, Film, and Television

Griffith Film School, Griffith University

Griffith Film School, located in Brisbane, is the oldest and largest film school in Australia. The faculty of the film school comprises of leading experts in various fields of film making. Programs offered by Griffith Film School include Bachelor programs in film and screen media production and animation and a graduate program in screen production.

Griffith Film School

Bath Spa University

Bath Spa University offers several undergraduate and graduate programs for aspiring film makers. MA in Feature Filmmaking is one of the most sought after programs offered by the University’s School of Humanities and Cultural Industries. The film school also offers a three years full-time BA (Hons) in Film and Screen Studies.

Bath Spa University

EICAR – The International Film & Television School Paris

EICAR is one of the major film schools in Europe. The two years Master of Fine Arts program attracts aspiring filmmakers from around the world. Students are given on-hands training in production, directing, screenwriting, editing and cinematography. The film school also offers a three-year intensive Bachelors degree program in film.

EICAR - The International Film & Television School Paris

Vancouver Film School

In Vancouver Film School students get to learn from award winning professionals. The intensive one-year curriculum offered by the film school prepares students for careers in acting in film and television, film production, entertainment business management, screenwriting, makeup design and other disciplines.

Vancouver Film School

London Film School

With more than three-quarters of students coming from outside UK, the London Film School is a popular destination for film studies for international students. It offers MA programs in filmmaking, screenwriting and international film business. It also offers a doctoral program in association with University of Exeter.

London Film School

School of Film/Video at California Institute of the Arts

The film school offers Bachelor and Master of Fine Arts programs in film and video and experimental animation, BFA in character animation and MFA in film directing. The three-year masters program in film directing covers the technical areas of film making including acting and screenwriting.

California Institute of the Arts

Prague Film School

The Prague Film School is one of the best film schools in Europe. It is a highly selective film school. Only 80 students from across the globe are selected every year for the full-time programs in filmmaking, documentary film making and acting.

Prague Film School

Columbia University School Of The Arts

The film school of Columbia University offers masters programs in screenwriting, directing, creative producing and film studies. The faculty of the school comprises of both veterans as well as new members of the Hollywood film industry.

Columbia University School Of The Arts

Dodge College of Film and Media Arts, Chapman University, California

Boasting of state-of-the-art facility and an excellent faculty, the film school of California’s Chapman University is a popular destination for aspiring filmmakers. The popular programs offered by the school include MFA in film production, film and TV producing, screenwriting and production design and MA in film studies.

Chapman University

Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema, Concordia University

The film school of Concordia University offers the largest University-based programs in film studies in Canada. Every year about 200 aspiring filmmakers are admitted to the various programs offered by the film school. The most popular programs include MFA in Studio Arts and MA in Film Studies.

Concordia University

York University

The Film Department of York University is the oldest in Canada. It offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs in production, screenwriting and cinema and media studies. The University also offers joint degree programs in association with the business school of York University.

York University

Department of Visual and Media Arts, Emerson College

With state-of-the-art facilities and equipments, experienced faculty and a talented alumni network, Emerson College in Boston is a popular destination for people who want to build a career in film, television and the entertainment industry. Only 22 students are admitted to the Master of Fine Arts in Media Art program every year.

Emerson College

Loyola Marymount University School of Film and Television

The film school of Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles is especially noted for its interesting internship opportunities. Students are trained in the best studios of Hollywood. Programs offered by the school include graduate programs in screenwriting, film and TV production, and writing and producing for TV.

Loyola Marymount University

Sydney Film School

Sydney Film School, although one of the youngest film schools in Australia, is noted for its excellent faculty. The aim of the film school is to help students become successful filmmakers. The one year full-time programs in screen and media cover all the essential areas of filmmaking.

Sydney Film School

London Film Academy

London Film Academy is a small and intimate school for people passionate about filmmaking. A small number of students are admitted to ensure that every student receives the best training. The popular courses offered by the film school include one-year full-time postgraduate diploma programs in filmmaking and screenwriting.

London Film Academy

Department of Radio, Television, Film, University Of Texas At Austin

The University of Texas at Austin offers internationally acclaimed Master of Fine Arts program with option for specialization in production or screenwriting. It also offers MA and PhD programs in Media Studies. The undergraduate program offered by the university is one of the best media programs at the bachelor’s level.

University Of Texas At Austin

Boston University

The Film and Television department of the College of Communication at Boston University offers MS program in television, MFA in film and dual MS and MBA degrees. Students can specialize in film and television studies, screenwriting and film production.

Boston University

School of Filmmaking, University Of North Carolina School Of The Arts

The film school of the University of North Carolina attracts a number of talented aspiring filmmakers. During the two-year MFA program each student produces over 20 short films of different styles including fiction, documentary, animation and experimental.

University Of North Carolina School Of The Arts

Department of Radio, Television, Film, School of Communication, Northwestern University

Northwestern University offers a graduate program in documentary media and another in writing for the screen and the stage. Both these programs lead to Masters of Fine Arts degree. To pursue a career in teaching, serious students of film studies often enroll in the doctoral program in screen cultures offered by the University.

Northwestern University

Cinema Art+Science, Columbia College Chicago

Columbia College Chicago helps students in developing the technical skills in filmmaking. Programs offered by the film school include MFA in cinema directing and creative producing and undergraduate programs with concentrations in directing, editing, cinematography and screenwriting.

Columbia College Chicago

New York Film Academy

The New York based film school focuses primarily on hands-on training in diverse disciplines of filmmaking. Programs offered by New York Film Academy include three-year Bachelor of Fine Arts, one-year Master of Arts and two-year Master of Fine Arts.

New York Film Academy

  • Richard

    Do check out Brighton Film School as well in the UK. Relatively new but it does degree level courses in Filmmaking and Art Direction plus a diploma in Cinematography and Directing. Course fees are low compared to London (£3,500 for the Diploma).

    I did the Summer School there last year – £840 for 3 weeks and it was great.

    • Andrew

      Hi! I am interested in doing the Summer School there! Can you tell me your experience?