Top 10 Graduate Biomedical Engineering Schools

Engineering degrees in mechanical, civil, electrical and other streams which had been in huge demand even a decade ago are losing popularity. Students are now embracing emerging streams like biomedical engineering. Such interdisciplinary programs are in huge demand now and the pay packet of successful candidates is also quite high. The pay packet and associated perquisites are giving a boost to the demand for courses offering graduate degree in biomedical engineering.

Top 10 Graduate Biomedical Engineering Schools

Demand has given rise to a number of colleges offering such courses. Consequently students are at a loss when they go to select graduate biomedical engineering schools. That is why there is need to rank the reputed biomedical engineering colleges. Let us take a countdown of the top 10 graduate biomedical engineering schools. Let us begin.

John Hopkins University

This is a private institution in Baltimore, USA. The university offers an array of programs in arts, humanities, social, natural sciences etc. The department of biomedical engineering offers graduate, master as well as Ph. D programs in biomedical engineering. It is one of the top graduate biomedical engineering schools in the USA.

John Hopkins University

Duke University

This private university located in Durham, NC offers liberal arts and several undergraduate engineering programs. The degree offered by duke university is of the top tire. This is because of the blend of education and interdisciplinary research environment here. Most of the undergraduate students here are involved in independent research.

Duke university

Georgia Institute Of Technology

This is a public institution in Georgia, Atlanta. The undergraduate program in biomedical engineering offered by this institution seeks to create an environment where the true integration between engineering and life sciences takes place. This is very helpful when you go for higher studies in biomedical engineering.

Georgia institute of technology

Massachusettes Institute Of Technology

This is one of the top tire universities in the world in whatever stream of science or technology you are looking to get into. The university offers both undergraduate and graduate degree programs in biomedical engineering. It offers two undergraduate minor programs in biomedical engineering.

Massachusettes Institute of Technology

University Of California

The university of California offers a number of undergraduate programs in biomedical engineering such as bioengineering, biotechnology, bioinformatics, biosystems etc. The degree program also offers multiscale bioengineering, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, systems biology and medicine.

University of California

Stanford University

This university located in the bay area of california is a private institution that stresses on a multidisciplinary approach to teaching. Students here have the opportunity to get involved in research projects. It offers BS, MS, MD, Ph.D and coterm BS and MS programs in biomedical engineering.

Stanford university

University Of Michigan

This is a public institution at Ann Arbor, Michigan. The Department of Biomedical Engineering at this university in collaboration with the college of engineering and computer science as well as the department of natural sciences offers Bachelor of Science in bioengineering.

University of Michigan

University Of Pennsylvania

This private institution in the state of Philadelphia offers undergraduate, graduate, master as well as doctoral program in bioengineering. At the undergraduate level the university offers courses like clinical preceptorship in bioengineering, engineering microbial system, brain computer interface etc.

University of Pennsylvania

University Of Washington

The department of bioengineering at the university of washington offers undergraduate, graduate, professional and master degree in bioengineering. The intake in the undergraduate courses is generally at the end of freshman year. The university also offers direct admission into majors.

University of Washington

Boston University

The biomedical engineering department in boston university is the largest in USA, and boasts of award winning faculty and a number of research centres. It offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs in the field of biomedical engineering. The university has expertise in molecular engineering, neural engineering, biomedical optics, biometrics and tissue engineering, biomedical applications of nanotechnology etc.

Boston University