Top 10 Economics Programs In USA

Economics programs offered by reputed universities in the US attract students interested in a career in research, teaching and consultancy in prestigious public and private institutions. The graduate programs that lead to a PhD degree in economics are the most sought after courses in the US universities.

Top 10 Economic Programs In USA

Students admitted to these programs can specialize in any of the key fields of economics such as macroeconomics, microeconomics, development economics, international economics, public finance, econometrics, labor economics or industrial organization. The best economics programs are offered by the following universities in USA.

Harvard Economics PhD Program

The Harvard Economics PhD program is considered not only the best in USA, but it is also the top economics program in the world. Every year 30 to 33 finest students of economics from around the world are admitted to the program. The program emphasizes on creating outstanding researchers in economics.

Basic knowledge of economics and proficiency in mathematics including linear algebra and calculus in addition to excellent academic record are needed for applying for the program. Applicants are required to take the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). The average GRE quantitative score of candidates admitted to Harvard Economics PhD program is 797.

Harvard University

MIT Economics PhD Program

The economics department of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology boasts of outstanding faculty and alumni. Its graduate program, leading to a PhD in economics, is ranked as the top doctoral program in the country. Only 24 students are enrolled in the program each year. Applicants should have a bachelor’s degree, basic knowledge of economic theory (although an undergraduate degree in economics is not essential) and working knowledge of calculus.

International students comprise almost half of all students admitted to the full-time graduate program. The graduate program prepares students for successful careers in research and teaching in universities and business schools and professional careers in international financial organizations.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

PhD Program in Princeton University

Students admitted to Princeton University’s graduate program in economics are trained by the best experts in various fields of economics. The alumni of Princeton’s economics department are employed in prestigious research, educational and financial institutions in the US and in other countries.

Princeton follows a highly selective admission process. Between 20 and 25 students from about 900 applicants are selected every year for the PhD program. Fellowship support is provided to help students fund the cost of the program.

Princeton University

Graduate Program, Department of Economics, University of Chicago

The economics department of the University of Chicago boasts of the largest number of Noble laureates among its faculty and alumni. The graduate program offered by the University is one of the best in the world. Only 25 students are enrolled in the program that leads to a PhD in economics.

Each applicant is evaluated in accordance with GRE score, academic record, previous research experience, writing sample, letters of recommendation and other factors. The program focuses on preparing students for a career in teaching and research. The Department of Economics is committed to placing its students in reputed positions in USA and in other countries.

University Of Chicago

Graduate Degree Program, Department of Economics, Stanford University

Stanford University’s graduate degree program in economics is designed to expose students to diverse areas of applied economics. Students can specialize in any two fields. While the first two years of the program is devoted to compulsory course work, the remaining three years of the graduate degree program are spent on research.

Only students with outstanding academic records and proficiency in mathematics are admitted to the program. Almost half of all successful candidates are international students. Only 25 students are admitted to the program every year.

Stanford University

PhD Program, University of California, Berkeley

The PhD program offered by the Department of Economics at the University of California, Berkley, is recommended for students who want to pursue original research. Although it usually takes five to six years to complete the program, a small number of students complete the course in only 4 years. Not more than 25 applicants are selected for the program.

More than half of all successful applicants receive financial supports and fellowships. The minimum entry requirements are same as that required by other leading US universities for their graduate programs.

University of California

PhD Program, Department of Economics, Yale University

The graduate program in Economics offered by Yale University leads to a PhD in economics. Usually between 17 and 23 applicants are enrolled in the program. Candidates applying for the program should have a minimum GRE score of 760 and TOEFL score of 600.

The Department of Economics at Yale has the largest teaching faculty among the leading US universities. With limited number of students admitted to the graduate program every year, the Yale economics department boasts of the highest teacher-student ratio among the best US universities.

The Yale university

PhD Program in Economics, Department of Economics, Northwestern University

The economics department of Northwestern University is noted for its internationally acclaimed faculty. The alumni of the department are employed in reputed universities, public agencies and private organizations in the US and in other countries. Every year not more than 25 students are admitted to the PhD program in economics. The five-year full time program is designed to encourage students to undertake research in their areas of interest.

Students enrolled in the graduate economics program can also enroll in courses in political economics, managerial economics, finance and management and strategy offered by the Kellogg School of Management, the business school of Northwestern University.

Northwestern University

PhD Program in Economics, University of Pennsylvania

The graduate economics program offered by the University of Pennsylvania is designed to help students undertake research in major areas of economics. The program is administered by the University’s Graduate Group in Economics comprising of the faculty of the University’s economics department, Wharton School of Business and the School of Arts and Sciences. On average it takes 5.25 years to complete the program.

Every year 20 to 25 students are enrolled in the program. The minimum GRE quantitative score of students applying for the program is 700. Proficiency in mathematics is essential for seeking admission to the graduate economics program.

University of Pennsylvania

Graduate Program, Columbia University

The aim of the graduate program in economics offered by Columbia University is to train students in using basic economics tools and to help them specialize in two areas of economics. Workshops are regularly conducted to encourage exchange of new and advanced ideas. After the completion of the graduate program, successful students are awarded a PhD in economics.

Columbia University