Top 10 Colleges Of Biotechnology In World

Biotechnology is a very fast growing field and has a lot of room for growth and expansion. It is a combination of biology and technology, and offers a lot of scope for research. Many people are opting for this specialist interdisciplinary programme as it is not only interesting but also provides good career opportunities as the demand for biotechnologists is increasing day by day.

Top 10 Colleges Of Biotechnology In World

If you intend to have an exciting career in this field, it is imperative to choose the right institution that has a good reputation, competent faculty and offers excellent research facilities. There are many top universities offering this programme all over the world. Let us take a look at some of the best colleges in the world that offer a biotechnology programme.

Top Colleges Of Biotechnology In World

Harvard University, Cambridge, USA

Harvard University is at the top of the list for its best biotechnology program. The department of molecular and cellular biology at Harvard has the most competent faculty and the best of research facilities are provided to students through its well-equipped laboratories. This helps prepare students well so that they can aspire to be leaders in the field.

It offers undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs in biotechnology. The best advantage of doing a course from here is that the multi-disciplinary approach exposes you to other areas such as applied sciences and engineering as well.

Harvard University

University of Tokyo, Japan

The Department of Chemistry & Biotechnology, School of Engineering, at the University of Tokyo is well known for the undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs it offers in biotechnology. It has 20 well-equipped research laboratories, among which 5 are exclusively used for chemistry and biotechnology, and provide students with the best facilities for research work.

International internship programs are offered to students enrolled in the graduate programs which help them gain the best industry experience to prepare them for the future.

University of Tokyo

University College London

Established in the year 1826, UCL is one of the top universities in UK and has the best academic to student ratio. It offers a three-year program in biotechnology that is considered among the best in the world. Students are introduced to biochemical engineering and the basic principles of experimental biochemistry.

World-class research facilities, teaching and learning enables students to master this subject, many of whom have graduated to become experts in their field and are already contributing to its advancement.

University College London

University of California, San Francisco, USA

The College of Arts and Sciences, University of California, San Francisco, offers a Professional Science Master’s Degree in Biotechnology that is considered to be the best in the world and offers excellent career prospects to students. The rigor of molecular biology is combined with business fundamentals to provide an essential background, and emphasis is laid on research and development in the field. An internship requirement provides students with hands-on experience that prepares them well for a career in biotechnology.

University of California,San Francisco

University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA

The Master of Biotechnology Program of the School of Arts and Sciences and Penn Engineering prepares full and part-time students for the dynamic industries of biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. This innovative program is conducted by a very proficient faculty.

Excellent world-class biomedical research centers and renowned science departments make it one of the best programs, offered in the world, in this field. It offers a dual-degree option, in cooperation with The Wharton School, that provides excellent career opportunities to students.

University of Pennsylvania

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.) in Cambridge, MA

Founded in 1998, The Department of Biological Engineering was launched as a new MIT academic unit. Being a top ranked University for Science and Technology, MIT offers the best programs in biotechnology that provide students with excellent research facilities and prepares them well for a career in this emerging field.

MIT faculty is among the best and you will have access to centers for biological and biomedical engineering, environmental health sciences, bio-micro and biotechnology process engineering.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA

The Center for Biotechnology Education at John Hopkins offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in biotechnology.  The Johns Hopkins MS in Biotechnology offers students with a program that provides comprehensive exploration of basic science, applied science, and lab science, with an industry focus. You get a solid grounding in biochemistry, molecular biology, cell biology, genomics, and proteomics.

Highly skilled Faculty members, the best of research facilities, international internships, and an excellent curriculum prepare you very well for a career in biotechnology. Flexible programs are offered that allow students to attend classes during evenings and weekends. These can even be completed fully online.

Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New York

Founded in 1824, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute is USA’s oldest technological research university and is reputed to have the best research facilities in the world. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute trains students and enables them to emerge as health care and technology leaders.

The Center for Biotechnology and Interdisciplinary Studies offers undergraduate and graduate programs in biotechnology which rank among the best in the world. Excellent faculty and research facilities prepare students for an exciting career in biotechnology.

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Stanford University in Palo Alto, CA

Considered one of the best universities in the world, Stanford offers a world-class course in biotechnology that provides students with an edge over others and promises an exciting career in this field. Stanford’s Department of Bioengineering is jointly supported by the Schools of Medicine and Engineering, and applies engineering principles to medical problems and biological systems.

The approach to biotechnology training is multidisciplinary. A very competent faculty, drawn from various related fields, imparts comprehensive knowledge to students. Many reputed companies are program partners and the internships prepare you well for this fast-growing industry.

Stanford University

University of Rhode Island, Kingston, USA

This world-renowned, research-oriented university offers several biotechnology programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels through The URI Providence Biotechnology Center. It has the most competent faculty, the best exchange programs and very well-equipped laboratories for research work.

The students are trained in various areas in order to prepare them well for this highly dynamic field. Research is mostly focused on Stem Cell Biotechnology, molecular biology and Bio-processing. This provides students with excellent opportunities to emerge as leaders in this field.

University of Rhode Island

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