Best 10 Pharmacy Schools In The US

Pharmacy is the study of origin, nature and uses of drugs. The role of a pharmacy graduate is no longer limited to jobs as pharmacists in hospitals and community health care centers.

Pharmacy Schools In The US

For students enrolled in the top schools of pharmacy and pharmacology in the reputed US universities, the programs enhance scope for a rewarding career in academics and research in various new areas of pharmacy and pharmacology such as molecular pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, gene therapy, pharmacoepidemiology and more. Given below is a list of the best schools of pharmacy in USA.

University Of California San Francisco School Of Pharmacy

The School of Pharmacy at the University of California, San Francisco, is one of the oldest schools of pharmacy in the country. It is one of the leading schools for research in pharmacy. The highly-rated professional degree programs in pharmacy offered by the school include Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD), combined PharmD and Master of Science in Clinical Research (MSCR) and PharmD with PhD.

The PhD degree program in pharmaceutical sciences and pharmacogenomics offered by the University is a multidisciplinary graduate program with options for research in pharmacogenomics and functional genomics, drug development sciences, molecular pharmacology, therapeutic bioengineering, quantitative and systems pharmacology or computational genomics.

University Of California

University Of North Carolina At Chapel Hill Eshelman School Of Pharmacy

The School of Pharmacy at the University of North Carolina is recognized for world-class education and research in pharmaceutical care and pharmacy practice. The Doctor in Pharmacy program of the school has been constantly ranked amongst the top programs in pharmacy in the US. Apart from the four-year PharmD program, UNC offers a joint PharmD and MBA program, a dual PharmD and Master in Public Health program and combined PharmD and PhD program for students interested in research in pharmaceutical sciences. The pharmacy school also offers a Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences and PhD programs in four areas of pharmaceutical sciences.

University Of North Carolina

College Of Pharmacy At University Of Minnesota

The College of Pharmacy at the University of Minnesota has campuses in Twin Cities and Duluth. About 90% of students enrolled in the PharmD program of the University of Minnesota are BS degrees holders. Students admitted to the Doctor of Pharmacy program can opt for dual degree programs with options for studying Master of Business Administration or Master of Public Health. Doctoral programs leading to PhD degrees are offered by the College of Pharmacy in pharmaceutics, medicinal chemistry, experimental and clinical pharmacology, social and administrative pharmacy and integrated biological sciences.

University Of Minnesota

College Of Pharmacy, University Of Texas At Austin

The College of Pharmacy at the University of Texas at Austin offers internationally acclaimed PharmD and graduate programs in pharmaceutical science. The excellent faculty of the College of Pharmacy combines their knowledge of advanced research in pharmaceutical science with classroom teaching, thereby preparing students for a rewarding career in clinical practice and research in pharmacy. In addition to the standard PharmD program, the College of Pharmacy offers a PharmD Honors program.The health outcomes and pharmacy practice and the pharmacotherapy divisions of the College offer MS programs.

University Of Texas At Austin

School Of Pharmacy, University Of Wisconsin-Madison

The pharmacy school at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is one of the oldest in the country and the first to offer doctoral programs in pharmaceutics, pharmaceutical chemistry and other disciplines of pharmacy. Its PharmD program that trains students to become licensed pharmacists is one of the leading professional pharmacy programs in the US. For undergraduate students, the University also offers an interdisciplinary BS in Pharmacology and Toxicology program and a dual PharmD and MPH program. Graduate degree programs are available in health system pharmacy administration, social and administrative sciences in pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences.

University Of Wisconsin Madison

College Of Pharmacy, University Of Kentucky

The College of Pharmacy at the University of Kentucky, occupying 286,000 square feet of the sprawling campus of the University, is home to the largest pharmacy education and research facility in the world. During the four-year PharmD program offered by the College of Pharmacy students spend the first three years on the Kentucky campus and the fourth year in gaining job experience under the supervision of the faculty. Students admitted to the doctoral program can specialize in pharmaceutical outcomes and policy, drug development, drug discovery or clinical and experimental therapeutics.

University Of Kentucky

College Of Pharmacy, Ohio State University

The College of Pharmacy at Ohio State University offers high quality undergraduate, research, professional and postdoctoral programs in pharmacy. As one of the first constituent colleges of the Ohio State University, the College of Pharmacy has been providing world-class professional and research programs for more than a century. Programs offered by the College of Pharmacy include BS in pharmaceutical sciences, MS in community care, dual MS degree program in health and pharmacy administration, Doctor in Pharmacy and PhD in pharmacology, pharmaceutics, medicinal chemistry and pharmacognosy and translational science.

Ohio State University

University Of Michigan College of Pharmacy

The 137 years old College of Pharmacy at the University of Michigan works in association with the other academic departments and centers of the University to provide innovative solutions for drug development and health care. Its PharmD program is designed to train students for a successful career in clinical pharmacy. Undergraduate students can also enroll in the BS in pharmaceutical sciences that train students for various technical positions in the pharmacy industry. Other popular pharmacy degree programs offered by the University include Master of Engineering in pharmaceutical science and dual PharmD and PhD program.

University Of Michigan

Purdue College Of Pharmacy, Purdue University

The College of Pharmacy at the Purdue University offers programs through its three academic departments namely, Pharmacy Practice, Industrial and Physical Pharmacy and Medicinal Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology. In addition to the PharmD professional degree program, it offers a BS program in pharmaceutical sciences. Graduate programs that lead to MS or PhD degree are offered separately by the three departments of the college.

Purdue University

College Of Pharmacy, University Of Arizona

The College of Pharmacy at the University of Arizona is recognized for its world-class professional and research degree programs in pharmacy. To become a licensed pharmacist, you can join the highly-rated PharmD program. The dual degree programs of the University allow students to receive a MBA, MPH or PhD degree in addition to PharmD.

University Of Arizona